Illusion Labs is a mobile games company founded in 2008 just after the first iPhone was released. Recognizing the potential of this platform, our founders plunged headlong into mobile game development with their first game, Labyrinth. A digital interpretation of the classic maze game using accelerometer technology.


From this moment, Illusion Labs has continued to deliver blockbuster titles, including the Touchgrind series and Mr Crab, each adhering to the same design principles that have become our hallmark; Innovation, aesthetics, and engineering.


We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile gaming, aiming to craft visually stunning games that align seamlessly with the platform.

The Team

Dennis Brigelius


Jesper Hellberg

Operations Manager

Olof Hedman


Andreas Alptun


Carl Loodberg


Markus Nilsson

Software Engineer

Joakim Bensryd

Software Engineer

Erik Johansson

Software Engineer

Carl Sjöberg

Software Engineer

Christian Thulin Pfeifer

Software Engineer

Linus Bensryd

Software Engineer

Christoffer Lindvall

Senior Technical Artist

Eric Eneback

Senior Artist

Hanne Fridqvist Nimvik

Senior Artist

Elin Andersson

Senior Artist

Mikael Danielsson

Level Designer & Software Engineer

Sebastian Kok

Customer Support

Felicia Johansson


Niklas Hagerman

Level Designer

Christoffer Janbris

Level Designer


You can find us in the center of Malmö, Sweden just across the bridge from Copenhagen.

Illusion Labs AB

Gustav Adolfs torg 45

211 39 Malmö, Sweden


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